Whitetail Deer Hunting in Iowa and Missouri
Ethical hunting practices, proven success, established business, and impeccable reputation.
Outfitting since 1990

Our History

J&S was created in the late 1980's when Steve Shoop
had an idea that had never been tried in the Midwest. 
He was the first outfitter in the entire Midwest, and the first to sell
whitetail deerhunts at any sports show across the United States. 

Today that idea has caught on.  In fact, most all of our area outfitters were
eitherfriends of Steve or were trained by Steve to work as a guide for J&S.
You can safely say that Steve started it all. 

We maintain roughly 5000 acres in Iowa and 5000 acres in Missouri.  We both
lease and own some of the very best deer hunting ground you'll find anywhere. 
To make it even better, we farm our land as well and manipulate the crops for
best hunting results possible.  It works! 
It's important that the outfitter you choose is also the farmer of the land.

So many land owner's that surround us began as a J&S clients.
These past clients have been fortunate enough to have the means to purchased
very large tracts of land for their own personal hunting enjoyment.   Steve has even
shown them around.   We feel there isn't a single hunter alive that wouldn't do the
same if possible. 

We manage our land for trophy animals with strict management policies that
protect the natural genetics they are blessed with. 
Combine that with great food sources (acres of soybeans, corn, oats, wheat,
turnips and more) and you've got trophy animals. 

Add in the best guides anywhere, tasty food, great accommodations, 
plus our honest desire for the hunter to succeed and you've
got a great hunt in store.

J&S Trophy Hunts is the proven leader of trophy deer anywhere.

You can trust J&S for great Trophy Whitetail deer hunting in
both Iowa and Missouri.

Your business keeps us in business.
We will do our best to get you the buck of your dreams.
That's our promise!

Steve & Donna Shoop
J&S Trophy Hunts
26514 Hwy J3T
Moravia, IA  52571

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Whitetail Deer Hunting
Whitetail Deer Outfitter
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Whitetail Deer Hunting
We don't use a ATV.  We use a Trailer!
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Whitetail Deer Hunting
We passed this amazing little buck up for another year.
Can't wait to see what he becomes.  
Our Four Season Bucks.

Missouri 2016
Two Recent B&C Missouri Archery Bucks
harvested by J&S client Tom Pedley. 
Thanks Tom P for sending the picture. 

Can you believe this
A 151" 7 point management buck
taken by
Steve Shoop 1/6/17. 
The buck hit a tree after it was shot and broke its nose !
  Did Steve get it or did the tree?  :) 
Thanks Tom P for sending us this picture of your mounts from J&S hunts.