It is so nice when our hunters take the time to let us know how we are doing .  Here's a couple of them.  Thank you so much guys. 

Donna and Steve,

What can one say besides WOW & THANK YOU!  From the moment my father and I arrived at your Iowa lodge we were treated like family.  Your genuine hospitality, professional guide services and friendship went above and beyond we ever expected.  The warm clean accommodations, wonderful food and top equipment were a testament of how much dedication you put towards making everyone feels at home.  We greatly appreciated all the hard work and effort you provided towards making our hunt a successful one.  We both were taken back by the quality of deer you have managed over the years. Even though we did not fill our tags, we had some great moments and experiences we will cherish forever and
they could not have been achieved without your kindness and efforts.  You both are wonderful people and run a top notch outfitting service.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we would like to book a return trip for the second week of November 2017.  Please let us know if this is possible
and we will get you the deposit in the coming weeks with your confirmation. 

Additionally, since the wait for the lottery to obtain a tag can take 3-4 years in Iowa, we would like to talk to you about a possible trip to your Missouri camp for an archery hunt in the second week of November 2016.  I am happy to discuss this over email or at the Harrisburg PA Outdoor show coming up in February 2015.  Just let me know your thoughts and availability about Missouri and Iowa. 

If you are ever in need of anything or passing by the Virginia area, do not hesitate to reach out.  Again thank you for everything!  

All The Best,
JJ and John C

Hi Donna

This is Luigi C that you for the nice email Frank F forwarded to me. It was a great pleasure to hunt with Steve and Jeff not mention the great food you slaved over cooking for us. You guys run a top notch operation there and that is very hard to find these days. Trust me I know being that I have been to over 15 other outfitters and was disappointed 95 percent of the time.  You guys entrusted me that there are outfitters who care about the hunters and work very hard for us.  Steve and Jeff treated us like friends did all they could to make our hunt successful, educational, and best of all memorable due to the fun I had. Thanks again and we will definitely be back as soon as we draw again and God willing.  Thank you again and this is my personal email and my contact number is ************
Pictures from 2014 Season
2014 Season
In order for us to battle the Blue Tongue disease that killed deer in 2012 & 2013, we cut our numbers of hunters more than half for 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons.
Steve says if you can't offer a great hunt, don't offer it. 

We're very proud of the success of our hunters have had during this tough time. 
Thank God there were some big boys left to get us through the rough patch. 

The 2015 season proved that we are back on track.  We've been posting on Facebook more than we have this website simply because it's so much easier to do. 

Late muzzleloader season in Iowa.  3 hunters in camp and 2 successful, but they all had the opportunity. 

Story on this hunt.  Steve was sick with a cold.  I got sick with it too.  We thought were dying. Thank God that Jeff was coming up to be the guide on this hunt anyway. 
The weather was so cold, windy and just plain miserable. This group of 3 stayed in the woods all day in these horrible conditions.  Take a look at Jami Lloyds picture.  It was too cold to worry about cleaning the deer up and posing for pictures.  I have never seen a more miserable look on a hunters face than this one.  Jami is COLD, and of course I thought it was funny enough for explaination.  Sorry Jami.   Thankfully none of the hunters caught our cold.
They saw lots of deer and managed to have a good time.  Thanks guys!
Rick Fognano
Jami Lloyd
Jami Lloyd
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