Much of the success of many hunting legends can be attributed to the help of
Steve Shoop
In order to be a successful guide, you need to be an exceptional hunter. 
Steve and his bow have hunted in Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, and the continent of Africa. 
However, in order to never take away from a hunter's chances at harvesting a big buck, Steve rarely hunts the midwestern whitetail any longer.  Steve says it just doesn't seem right to take a monster buck away from a paying client.
Steve and the J&S team, have helped our hunters in harvesting in excess of 500 Pope and Young deer in the last 20 years. 
This tradition remains strong today.
Here are just a few photos of Steve's recent hunts.

Iowa Whitetail Deer
Iowa Whitetail Deer
J & S Trophy Hunts
Coues Deer
Boundry Waters P&Y
Black Bear.
B&C Iowa Whitetail
Throughout  the years, much of the success of many well known hunting legends can be attributed to the help of 
Steve Shoop and J&S Trophy Hunts.
Leaders in the industry such as Bob Foulkrod, Jerry Martin, Larry Weishun, Brenda Valentine, Jim Ryan, Larry Woodward,
Bob Richardson, Jeff Murray, Walter Parrot, Harold Knight and David Hale, Jackie Bushman, John Anderson,  Rob Keick, 
Jack Atchison, Jim Zumbo, the late Gary Clansey, and many more including several outdoor writers. 
Many of their successful hunting shows and magazine articles were in collaboration with J&S Trophy Hunts.