I don't know what happened.  I'm no computer whiz.  All I know is one day several of the pages I had worked on were just....gone.  So, I created one page that has a small example of some bucks our hunters have harvested through the years.  It is under the Flashback tab above. 

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.  I hope to have a new web site in the near future.

In 2012 and 2013 the Midwest was hit with EHD or Blue Tongue.  During the EHD years we purposely cut our bookings more the 50%.  Sure, it hit us in the pocketbook but it was just what the deer herd needed.  We survived that outbreak and have built the deer herd back good as new. 

If you want to see what bucks we have been taking in the last couple of years please find us on Facebook.  There is a link on our homepage that will take you right to it.  You'll also find the latest updates.  Facebook page name is:        J&S Trophy Hunts Iowa - Missouri

We now farm about 2600 in Iowa and MO.  This includes the land we hunt.  That's puts us in a great position to control when, what, and where the crops are taken out.  This benefits our hunters greatly. 

Many of you bought raffle tickets for our "Hunt for Mighty Mia" Raffle.  All donations were given to Adam and Jessica Dalton for the needs of their family of 5.  Mia (our grand daughter) has been battling childhood leukemia.  Her treatments are still ongoing but she's doing well.  Her immunity number (ANC) still gives them problems but everything is seems to be going well.  The ANC must be controlled at the level they want in order to give Mia the least chance at a relapse.  We still appreciate your prayers.  The winner of a free fully guided hunt was Joe Underwood.  Thanks Joe. 

We are excited to see the number of big bucks running around in the snow after the 2017 season ended.  I claim all shed hunting rights (ME>>>DONNA) every year.   I use the sheds to benefit families in need.  This year's proceeds will go to Tom and Terresa Hale, Pastors in WACO, TX and they have both been facing some serious health issues.    
Please....Neighbors, family, friends, foes, poachers, and everything in between....do not shed hunt on our properties neither leased or owned.  I don't deer hunt.  I at least should get to do some shed hunting before you trespass and take them all.  NO TRESPASSING. 

Finally....thanks.  We sure appreciate your business.  We pray we can always keep it.  Not by always getting everyone a big buck.  That's impossible.  But by you knowing that we are working hard for you and giving you every opportunity we can to get you that big buck. 

God bless you all and pray for spring.  :)
Donna Shoop

A little tip.....text me if you want to book or need something.  I'm a busy girl.  Texting works the best.
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