Dear Steve, Donna and the J&S Trophy Hunts Staff -

I just returned from my Missouri bowhunt and figured I would quickly write to you to thank you for another terrific hunt. This was my fourth hunt in Missouri and my friend's, Travis Hagen, second hunt. As usual J&S provided us with a quality hunt, attentive and passionate guides and a great camp ( great bunch of guys at the "Bunkhouse" that week).

The first day of the hunt I stayed in my tree stand all day, as I typically do, but unfortunately I did not see a single deer the whole day. When I returned back to camp pretty much everyone else was talking about the various bucks they saw that day with great excitement. I enjoyed all of the accounts people were giving of the bucks they were seeing and knew my time would eventually come. That following morning Jeff came up to me and asked, " So what do you think Dave?"  Having had Jeff as a guide in the past with great results I replied, "Whatever you think Jeff."  He asked if I could give him " the morning" at that same stand and I told him absolutely. Well that decision paid off. At 7am that morning I arrowed a nice 159 2/8 in 10 pointer. Just goes to show that even in an area that holds alot of trophy deer, you can go a day without seeing anything. Hey, its hunting, it happens. But at the request of Jeff I stuck with it and ended up getting the largest deer I ever got.

My friend Travis was seeing "shooter" bucks all week and even pulled back on one but didnt have a clean shot so he was not able to close the deal. He still had a great hunt and plans to return soon. As for me, I make the trip every other year so I definately will be seeing you in 2014, pencil me in.

Thanks again for another memorable hunt. I wish you and the rest of the rest of the J&S family and happy and blessed holiday season!

Take care,
David Allegretta
Missouri Bowhunt 2012

2012 Hunter's Email

Tom Pedley Part 1 - Missouri - Arrived in Mo. to start hunting evening of 10/21 and found high temps near 80 and humid - lows only mid 60's which made movement slim. Even though I had an opprotunity at a 150 class 10 on Tues. evening but just could not get a range on my rangefinder and was not confident of range so chose to let pass. Thursday the cold front came in and game was on - saw several good bucks that evening and Fri morning but none within range. Couple guys from Louisiana arrived in camp on Wed and one took a really nice 9 point on Thurs evening after front moved through - on to Iowa for the next week.
Part 2 - Iowa 10/26-11/1 - After the cold front of 10/25 you could not have wanted better temps for the next week - lows around 30 and highs only near 50 - one major problem - cyrstal clear skies and full moon arriving caused most movement to be nocturnal - amazing amount of sightings traveling to and from stands in dark mornings and evenings. Still passed a 140 class 8 point first night in anticiapation of bigger and better - actually saw 2 better that night - smaller bucks 120-130 class chasing in mornings but big boys moving little. Still while watching a chase in front of me - I ltet a 160 class sneak in behind me which I couldn't get a shot at. 7 guys in camp - we took 2 decent bucks - hit one not recovered and missed one so considering I passed the 8 the first night we had 6 solid opportunities for 7 guys - you could hardly ask for more. Just wish I was still there! They should be slammin them in both Mo & ia this week. Good luck to all still out there or going there yet this season


Steve,Donna and the staff at JS Trophy Hunts,

   I am writing to you all to let you know what a wonderful experience my father and I had hunting with you all. The hunt was just a small part of our pleasant time with you all. You and your staff are first class in our opinion. We are grateful that you accommodated us and showed an amazing hunt. I was fortune enough to harvest a true deer of a lifetime with my 178 plus deer. I am very proud to have shared this experience with you and my father. What a thrill!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are anxious to return and have many more adventures with you and your staff. Thank you for making us feel at home it really made the hunt not so stressful. Like I said earlier FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!  In the future days to come I will be anticipating the day  I return to camp. Please save me a big one I know there are plenty there. 

Thank you for your hospitality,


Good Morning! 

Craig, Cory and I totally enjoyed your Missouri camp this year, again!!  I worked the hardest, of course, but loved every minute of it. Lol.  A big thanks to Jeff for coordinating the effort and to Steve and Rod for helping me take my biggest buck to date. The "hunting creativity" and effort put forth by the staff still amazes me. I am kicking myself for getting to the taxidermist so quickly this year.  I didn't get to study my horns or really get to brag too much.  I have been enjoying my pictures and reliving the moment in the woods when that big buck dropped in his tracks.  Sorry to him for messing up his fun with the hot doe he was with but, you gotta do what you gotta do. He shouldn't had tried to sneak in behind me like he did.

Thanks to all!  Another great J & S experience!!!!

Kind Regards,
Brian Boone
2011 Missouri

Steve and Donna,

I have had the opportunity to hunt with a few outfitters in the past few years in both Missouri and Illinois.  None of those can compare to the experience with J&S Trophy Hunts.  You are truly world class outfitters.  From the moment I made first contact with J & S Trophy Hunts, Donna was great at providing me with information needed for my trip.  My guide Tim was excellent. He put me in wonderful treestands with lots of deer.  In fact, I stopped counting after 200 bucks and that was by the second day of the hunt.  Granted, not all of them were trophy class but a good number of them were.  Your treestands are comfortable, well-kept and safe.  Their placement showed great care and woodsmanship.  I enjoyed the best hunting camp experience I have ever had with an outfitter.  My week at your place reminded me of deer camp experiences with my father and family from years ago.  I appreciate the hospitality shown by every J & S team member.  I had the opportunity at a 140 class ten point, but was not able to connect.  The eight point that I took home is my best buck to date.  It was a hard blood trail, but thanks to the skill and determination of Steve and all of the guides, we were able to find my buck and get him out of one of the deepest holes I have ever seen in Iowa. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for a phenomenal experience.  I hope to return in a few years with my daughter and cousin, God willing.  Thanks again.

Scott Pope
2011 Iowa

Donna & Steve,
Thank you for another GREAT hunt! This was my first time hunting Iowa, I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself after hearing so much about it. I WAS a little apprehensive about hunting the tail end of the rut 11/13-11/18, but I think my guides Tim & Terry were right in thinking that the end is the best time to catch the bigger bucks alone and on the move. In 4 ½ days of hunting I seen well over 30 bucks, actually more bucks than doe, and a bobcat which is always cool to see.

The fourth morning of my hunt started out a little slow, but at 9:00 am I heard the brush smashing as two bucks were chasing a doe down the ridge across from me. I couldn’t get them to stop when they were coming towards me on a dead run, I had to swing completely around in my stand and the doe brought them out right beside my tree. At 5 yards and 275 pounds it was like shooting at a billboard! I don’t think he even knew what happened, went 50 yards and fell over. I can’t help but wonder what the smaller buck thought afterwards because he was between the doe and the big buck! It wasn’t 10 seconds from when I first heard them coming and he lay dead!

That evening Tim put me in a “Doe” spot, well let me tell you what. I saw a monster with a drop tine and over 20” wide, easily a 160” buck. I had so much fun watching this buck and several others chasing the does around that I just hung my bow up and enjoyed the show!

Accommodations were great, food was great, guides were great, and I met two great guys from Tennessee. I will be anxiously buying preference points until I draw again! Thanks again for everything! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Mark Zong

Hi Steve & Donna,

  Sorry I didn't get a chance to say good bye to you guys.
Thanks for another great year of bow hunting last week in Iowa. The accomodations & food was excellant. I saw so many deer with a lot of them bucks. I saw at least 4 other shooters besides the beautiful 10 point I got. An incredble hunt with a great group of guys.

  Terry Greg and my favorite Tim are great guides and just fun to be around

Carl Sens
Sterling Hghts Mich.
Iowa 2011 Bow hunt

I am not one to complain, but I have a valid complaint this year. Out of all the hundreds of acres and multiple stands on your property I get stuck right back in the same stand from last year where I took a 159" deer. And this year a 145" deer presented himself at this stand. I really feel like Steve could put me on a bad spot for 2 or 3 days so I can enjoy more time in the deer woods. This is 2 years in a row that I leave before monday!!
Just kidding of course!! Love your place and nice to see Jeff , Rod, and Steve again this year. I look forward to booking with you again for next year.
I do have a question.....2 of my friends would like to commit for next year. Is there room if I send there deposits soon?

Thanks again,
p.s. attached is buck taken this year

Joe Underwood
Pro Pools & Spas, Inc

Hey Donna,

Back when I sent in my final payment for this year’s Iowa Hunt, I remember writing in my letter that I didn’t know how we could ever come close to having the experience we with your operation the last time we drew Iowa tags in 2008.  You guys managed to set the bar pretty high that year.  Much to our amazement, the week we just spent with at your Iowa camp was every bit as exciting and wonderful as the last.  I hope to never take for granted what a blessing it is to spend time in the Midwest during the peak of the rut and experience first-hand the true whitetail behavior we have all grown to love from seeing bucks breeding does, fighting, chasing, rubbing trees, making scrapes and so much more.  Our hats are off to your guides Terry, Tim, and Gregg.  They are such an asset to your operation and do an outstanding job.  They made our experience that much more enjoyable as we consider them to be more than just guides, but close friends.  Thanks so much to all of you for providing us with another wonderful memory that we will not soon forget.  Time for us to start that long grueling process of obtaining enough preference points to do it all again.  Hope to see you all again in three more years.

God Bless,

Brad Justus

Saturday November 19th, 2011
To: Donna Shoop
You asked me to write a short story about the buck I shot in Missouri last week….so here goes.
My son-in-law (Scott) and I were hunting on the back side of the farm where Gary Shoop lives. It was about 10:15 a.m. Thursday when a doe came busting in to us from the CRP field with a very big buck on her tail. They ran directly past the tree stand at about 12 yards and I just could not get them to stop. I turned to Scott and asked him if he got it on film and he said he didn’t. About that time another buck came charging directly towards us from the same exact location the others came from just 30 seconds before that. I drew my bow and literally screamed at the buck. He slammed on the brakes and stopped. At that very second Scott was grunting to the buck and he began to run directly to us. He was moving and turning and was just totally out of his mind trying to locate the doe that just ran by.
I was finally able to put an arrow through him at about 8 yards and he spun and ran away deeper into the timber and laid down. I knew the hit was too far back.
Scott and I left the scene for 6 hours. We went back and kicked him up at about 4:30 p.m. and left him again until the next morning. Friday morning around 7:15 we found him dead in the woods next to a ditch. My hit was a marginal one but it took its toll. I was happy we backed out and left him overnight. He was an old mature deer scoring in that 135 to 140 range. He has a 20 inch spread. I was tickled with the deer and the fantastic hunt we experienced that week. We saw so many bucks that we lost count.
Thank you to the Shoop’s for a great experience!
Thank you!
Ron Moore
Hoober Feeds


Dave and Carrie Deck brought a group to Missouri in late Oct.  During this time, Mother Nature was ugly.  She brought 70 mph sustained winds for days and days.  The hunting was a bust but below is an email I just received today from Carrie.  Thank you Carrie.

Last week Oct. Missouri
Hey Steve and Donna,

                We wanted to say THANK YOU for the great week we had out at your Missouri camp. And a special thanks to the great group of guides you have out there (Jeff, Rod, Dexter, and Dave). Even though we came home empty handed we had a blast. The reason we were empty handed did not have anything to do with the place, old mother nature did not work in our favor. In the beginning of the week the weather was to warm, then came the hurricane winds and rain, and finally the day we left was the perfect morning to be in the woods, however we had to be on the road instead. This was my husband and my first time on a trip like this, and to be honest it was a real vacation for me. The guides took such great care of us, I didn't have to do anything. Dexter went out of his way to help me out in the woods, when I couldn't’ get into the tree stand (only cause I was to short legged, haha) he would put extra steps in for me. One night I even ended up at the hunting from the bottom of the tree, and experienced being within 15 yards of a beautiful 8 pt (non shooter), who looked right at me and never knew I was there, just mosey on. The guys were just a little upset I didn't’t call Dexter right back to come and fix the tree, I explained what happened. But if this didn't’t happened I would not have experienced this. But the next morning Dexter walked with me out and fixed the stand, stayed until he knew I was in ok. He was awesome.   I have not seen a group of guys who can work together and get along as your crew do. I enjoyed watching them after we would come in from the woods, they would take all our feedback and converse by the map, planning the next time out in the woods. They worked well with everyone’s needs and request, was very flexible and willing to do whatever. We are hoping to be back out in near future.

Take care,

Nov 11, 2010
Words from Chris Schatz (successful Iowa hunter) 
Land of the Giants
My Iowa 8 point scored 139 5/8 
I watched him for an hour before he offered a 40 yard shot.  My Matthews Z7 and Wasp broadhead did the job.  He traveled 60 yards after the shot. 
This is my first book buck in 43 years of hunting.  Thank you Steve and Donna
Jan 12, 2011
Email from a hunter.

Steve and Donna, I was looking over your web site and want you to know how much I missed getting to hunt with you this year.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel my hunt due to the slumping economy, but I plan on getting out there soon.  Hopefully I'll draw this year. I have been blessed in my life to be able to hunt all over the country and parts of the world.  I've also hunted Iowa and Missouri with different outfitters, but am glad to say that I will never hunt with anyone other than Steve Shoop in Iowa and Missouri. 
I've been telling people that when it comes to the Midwest, J&S is the best.  Catchy little phrase there. 
My Missouri hunt last year was fantastic.  The weather made it a challenge but I still saw a ton of deer and missed what was probably the biggest buck I've ever seen in my life.  I'm still kicking myself. 
The Missouri guides work so well together  Thank you again to Jeff and the others.   
Steve, you seemed to have a sixth sense when it comes to deer and I've learned to trust whatever you tell me.  I can't wait to hunt with you again soon. 
Donna, thank you for putting up with all my emails and phone calls.  I don't know how you put up with us grouchy old hunters. 
Thanks again.  T M

Steve & Donna,
I'm back to work here in NJ but my mind is still in Iowa. I was in camp last week with the 'Jersey Boys'. I got to spend some quality time with my son John, brother Bruce, friend PJ and the rest of the camp, old & new acquaintances.
It's funny but four days of steady rain couldn't dampen our spirits. I've learned long ago that the kill is not the thrill of the hunt. The excitement on my son's face, seeing so many quality bucks, will be etched in time. The stories of other sightings, as well as the video of the drop tine, made getting up at 4:00 AM a lot easier. Our guide Terry did all he could to put us in the right spots. Dinner was great and lodging was comfortable.
This was my first out of state hunt. I think if I decided to book a hunt somewhere else in the future, a standard has been set that will be hard to beat. My son wants me to book another hunt with you ASAP. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that sooner or later.
I usually don't write these types of e mails but I just wanted to commend you for your efforts.
Well I better get back to work.

Thanks for a great time,
John Caporale


I just wanted to say thank you for a great hunt in Missouri.  Jeff did an outstanding job as a guide.  He gave 120 percent everyday  .I shot a 139inch buck and saw bigger ones.  Don had 3 chances and just didnt come through.
That is a GREAT hunt.  We had a blast at camp eveynite it was awesome.
                                      THANK U ALL SO MUCH
                                                DAVE RUSS

Rick Seavey....Missouri  week in review.

Nov. 7-12
The week started in a very tough way!!! When the guys started to arrive Fri. morning the temps were hovering around 75deg and the ladybugs were out in force. None the less the mood was positive after hearing how the week before guys were doing. The bucks were just starting to run even in the heat. Sat. went by without any shots even though a few deer were seen. The guys would have done well to bring suntan lotion as the temps were at 80deg in late afternoon and the forecast was for a few more days of the same. Sun. came Russ Gunthrope from sunny Fla. arrived late in the morning and decided to head out for an afternoon hunt even in the HOT weather. While walking in Russ and Rick bumped a nice shooter buck which was a good sign that the bucks were up and moving. Russ started up the tree and before he could even get his bow up into the stand Russ had 3 deer around him. 2 bucks and a doe were within 10yards. They left and Russ went back to securing his safety belt and getting settled. Once getting his stuff up and in the tree he turned to sit and a nice 9pt was standing at 20yards looking right at him. Well he was busted and that deer moved off only to have a doe with 2 small bucks run right by him on the same trail as the 9pt. Not quite believing what was going on in only 30min Russ heard something walking again on the same trail, so he turned back to see what it was and there stood a Big 10pt. Russ picked his shot, but the deer didn't stop so Russ led him and took a walking broadside shot at 18yards. His arrow he thought hit back a little so Russ slipped out quietly to his pick up spot shaking his head realizing that all that took place in 45min. Jeff,  Rick and Russ went in the next morning and recovered the deer which had gone about 200yards and died. Russ' 10pt scored 146 2/8. Once we got Russ' deer back to camp Jeff got a call from his hunter Greg saying that he had shot a buck and that it "Was just an 8pt". Jeff, Rick and Russ all went to get Greg's deer. Once there we met Greg in the field and proceeded to walk in. As we were walking in we could see that this was not only an 8pt, but it was huge!!! Greg stood behind us smiling and laughing saying "Oh Ya it is just an 8pt, but it has 6 sticker pts and 6 1/2inch mass measurements". We all laughed and congratulated Greg on both his buck and his good joke!!! Greg's buck scored and impressive 165inches.   
Tues. Jimmy scored on a beautiful 9pt after seeing a few Big Bucks and even taking a picture of one from the stand that could have scored in the 160's, but just wouldn't come close enough for a shot. Jimmy's deer scored 142 and the story is already in the updates. Jim shot a nice 11pt Wed. after having a morning filled with action. He had numerous bucks chasing does all around him. Jim's buck scored 135 2/8. Jim followed that up by shooting a doe the next day. Wed. at noontime Mike shot a real heavy 11pt after watching him run does and small bucks in and out of the corn all morning. After a good track job by Rod, Dexter, Jimmy and Rick.   Mike's deer was found dead 200 yards from the shot in the corn. Mikes deer scored 137inches and he shot a good doe on Thurs. afternoon. Thurs. morning both Allen and Dan scored on nice 8pts. Both had seen multiple deer in the morning and both made great shots. Allen shot a doe Thurs. afternoon completing the week. 7-10 on bucks and a few does to help the management cause. The drop camp boys had seen quite a few bucks and had a few missed shots at Big Bucks. They took one doe and had a Great week according to them. Now its time to trade the stick and string for the bang sticks!!!

Donna & Steve,
  I'm sorry that I missed saying goodbye to you last night before I left. We had to get on the road for the long 18 hour drive! Just want to thank you for providing me with a nice place to sleep, a wonderful place to hunt in
Iowa, great food, and for Terry my guide. Steve and Terry gave me every opportunity to get on a big deer, it just didn't happen and that's hunting!
Even with the warm weather, I saw 107 deer total with 42 of them being bucks! I passed smaller bucks and waited for something bigger to come along. I think the warm weather was the major factor that slowed activity and we
all know we cant control that!  You folks run a first class operation and I would like to come back someday and try it again. It was very easy see that Steve and his guides put a lot of thought into getting each and every hunter
into the best possible stand site every day. I noticed Steve took time to talk to the hunters to see how things were going, that shows his dedication to everyone's success.
Thanks so much again for your efforts and a great Iowa hunt! 
Eddie "Bub" Jewell 11-14-09

This email was sent from Rick Seavy, Missouri / Iowa guide for J&S about a deer that hunter Rob Weaver has shot the previous week  but not recovered....until now...  Nov  10, 2009
Yes, Donna it was Rob Weaver (Missouri hunter). He had moved to the stand that Russ N had shot his out of and had been in it for 2 days. Rob was at full draw the night before on a 170+ and hadn't been able to get the shot. He went in there for the last day of his hunt and 1st thing in the morning he let what he thought was a possible shooter go. He had that Booner on his mind and wanted to give it a chance to come by. About an hour later the deer he passed came back by and Rob said to himself that he'd given him a pass the 1st time, but not the 2nd time. He picked his shot and fired at about 30 yards hitting the deer very high. The arrow didn't pass all the way through and he watched the deer walk away slowly getting a good look at where he'd hit it. He could see it was in the no mans land high above the lungs. Rob walked out and we waited 7 hrs before going in to look. The deer only bled for about 50 yards and we lost the trail. We did a good body search with no luck. Rob went home and a new group of guys came in. Jimmy Walls went back into the stand as we were trying to get a look at either the big 8pt that everyone had been seeing in there or the Booner Rob had seen. Jimmy sat the stand for a day and we had a neighbor hit a deer that ran onto our property right where Jimmy was sitting so we moved Jimmy to another stand so we wouldn't mess his hunt up while looking for the deer. Jimmy saw quite a few deer from the new stand including a monster 10pt so he stayed there for a couple days. Today Jimmy decided to go back to his original stand and again 1st thing in the morning a nice 9pt walked out and Jimmy put him down with a perfect shot. Once he got to the deer he noticed a very fresh arrow hole exactly where Rob said he hit it. The deer was on the same trail, going the same way, out of the same stand Rob shot his from. From the description Rob gave of the rack and where it was shot and the age of the wound its a very good chance that its the same deer. Its a better chance it is the same deer then not.  

A Hunter's Story by Rick Seavey (MO guide)
Russ Nichols.  146 2/8. 11pt   (11-2-09)
Russ got in Fri. afternoon and moved into a room got things situated and headed to the stand. He saw a couple deer Fri. night, a few bucks and couple does. One real good shooter. Sat. Russ sat all day and saw a bunch of deer. He saw a few bucks chasing and a couple more shooters. He had been seeing most of the action down in the bottom in the thick stuff. Sun. Russ was going back to the same stand, but with the plan for Rick to come in at noon time and move the stand to the bottom if he saw more activity down there. Rick came in at noon, and Russ showed him where the action was taking place. We picked a tree and Russ went to hanging his own stand he'd brought and Rick trimmed the shooting lanes. Russ got all set and Rick walked out around 1:30. At 1:50 Russ had a doe come right under the stand and feed on acorns. The doe moved off and Russ herd some water splashing behind him so he turned to see what was making the noise only to see a huge buck in the creek. The creek was chest deep on the deer. He got across the creek shook off and started to walk broadside. Russ drew back, picked a number and grunted to stop the deer. The deer didn't stop so Russ had to shoot or he was gonna get behind some thick stuff. He put the 30yard pin on and let the arrow go. The arrow hit, but didn't pass through. Russ could see blood as the deer ran, but lost the deer in the trees and didn't see or hear him fall. It was 2:15 so Russ sat for 2hrs before he climbed out. When he got to the ground he found  half of his arrow shaft, but didn't see any blood or a deer dead on the ridge. Russ walked out making a 500yrd circle to avoid bumping the deer. We waited until the next morning to go in and look for the deer. We walked down the ridge towards the stand and Rick saw the deer before we even got on the blood. He had died 120yrds from being hit. The shot was much better then Russ had figured it was a double lung and heart shot. Russ was more happy and we hauled him up over the hill to the truck.

Steve & Donna

Thank you for the wonderful experience at your Iowa camp.  I really appreciated the box blinds since I have the problem with climbing.  The longer I am home the more I want to return.  The number of animals seen was truly amazing and seeing another big buck appear out of nowhere seconds after shooting the doe was icing on the cake.  Thanks again and have a joyful holiday season.

Norm Fenton

Donna and Steve, thank you and my best wishes for a Happy and meaningful Christmas. Darryl and I both feel we have found a home after many years of hopping from one hunting spot to another. We have thoroughly enjoyed our years in the Missouri camp and look forward to spending some time in Iowa this year... if 3 preference points will be enough!   Please give Jeff my thanks again and wish him Merry Christmas. Take care, Jim

James W. Hardee
Steve & Donna
   Just a few word of thanks for the hospitality shown to me & my son in-law Dave while at your Missouri camp back in November. It was Dave's second time there and my first, but not my last. It was a great time. Your guides went out of there way for us. Jeff and my guide Rod were great! Since I shoot traditional equipment "recurve bow" they constantly tried to put me in an area that offered the best shot placement for my equipment. Just about every time out I seen Deer,especially the last evening when I seen what I feel were three shooter bucks within 30 mins after a combine started taking down corn behind me! Again thank you for the FUN.
                                                                                                                 Bob Boyd


Hi Donna Hi Steve,

  Just wanted to drop a note and say how much fun I had at your Iowa camp this past week. With the deer rutting it was an awesome time to spend in the woods and getting the biggest buck I've ever shot with a bow. Saw a lot of deer many many smaller bucks. Tim was a first class guide.
  Donna could Tim Hockstad and I get copies of the videos that Greg and Tim ( he did a quick one with his video camera when he and I recovered my deer) shot showing our deer so Tim H. and I can have to keep ?
Could you do a CD or maybe just attach to an email?
Thanks and I know Tim talked to you about trying to come there again in 2011 so we'll get our deposits together soon.

Carl Sens

Steve and Donna,

I want to thank you so much for making my recent hunt to Iowa a memory I will never forget.  I have been on many different hunts with many different outfitters and without a doubt, J&S is by far the best.  What a first class operation in every respect.  The accomodations,  the guides and of course THE BUCKS, are second to none.  I saw 22 different bucks (7 shooters) in five days of hunting in unfavorable weather.  Fortunately, I was able to harvest a nice buck and a doe.  Thanks go out to all the guides Eric, Greg, Tim, Terry and especially my guide Rick.  You guys put us all on some awesome deer.  I can't wait to hunt with you guys again in 2011.  Thank you again for the wonderful memories.  Be well and God Bless.

Kelly Taylor (Harvested: 130 1/8" - 8pt. on 11/5/08)
East Chatham, New York

Dear Steve, and Donna,
    I want to thank you all again for all that you have done to make my trip one I will remember forever!  I have hunted out of several camps over the years and your operation is TOP NOTCH!  The quality of the bucks I saw in Iowa was outstanding.  I saw 29 bucks with 8pts or better from stand, and a two of which were true"Booners".  Sorry I could not close the deal on the 200" giant but getting to see an animal of that size is something that well, lets just say I will never forget!  My search for the BEST WHITETAIL OUTFITTER AND GUIDES is over and plan on coming back many times in the future!

Louie Justus
Steve and Donna,
I just wanted to thank everyone for another great year despite the warm weather. Despite the warm weather the action was still plenty. Nothing could have been better except for the recovery of that 150+ brut I had shot on the last night. I hope that someone is able to finally put their hands on that big ole boy. Hopefully Me! Again please tell Jeff, Dexter and Rod  a big 'Thank You' for their help in trying to recover that buck. That meant a lot to me! Also while you two are on those combines cutting the last couple of corn fields, please KEEP an open for that big boy and don't get too carried away singing along to all the John Denver songs like I do! Regardless though, it was very exciting to have filled the other three tags. Being able to take my first two turkeys was a big thrill, especially since it was with my bow. I look forward again in drawing an Iowa tag and hunting with your organization.  Happy Holidays to ALL!

Darryl Forrister
Birmingham, Alabama
Steve and Donna,

I can't begin to tell you guys how much fun we had this past week but I am hoping it showed.  Even with the warm weather, your guides were still able to make it happen and their hard work and knowledge is reflected in the week we had.  It's going to be hard to wait another three years to draw tags again but I assure you, we will be counting the days.  Please thank all of the guides (especially Eric and Tim)  and let them know how much we enjoyed our trip and the time we spent with them.  And last but not least, I wanted to thank you (Donna and Steve) for all of your wonderful hospitality and and the time and effort you put into making our trip one that we will not soon forget.  Wish all of you the best and we will see you in three years!

Brad Justus
Donna and Steve, just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed my recent hunt. I have been deer hunting with a few other outfitters across the states and without a doubt yours was the nicest hunt I have been on. Everything was first class, the deer, the accommodations and mostly the guides. Even thought I did not harvest a deer, it was my own doing. I had  a 140 class buck in range at 15 yards and chose not to shoot him as I was holding out for a larger deer, which I did see on the last nite in camp but he would not come in any closer than 60 yards. Thanks for everything and please feel free to use my name as a reference if you so desire.

Darryl Krauss
Steve & Donna:

Just wanted to thank you for a great experience last week in Iowa.  Two of your clients, Phil Elliott(who passed away this past September) and Wayne Keiter told me I had to get out there since I only hunt with a bow, I'm glad I listened. This was my 1st hunt with an outfitter and I need to look no further. Even though I am a bowhunter of 35 yrs judging a shooter buck is difficult, because here in Virginia we don't see that caliber buck you have. May I suggest that examples of a minimum 8pt and 10 pt buck  be shown to you clients before they enter the woods. Also Steve mentioned the Iowa DNR is pressing the issue to shoot more does, it would be a good time for those who arrive early enough to hunt Saturday afternoon to have your guys place the hunters in stands where there are an abundance of does to try to get the doe killed then we can concentrate the rest of the week on the Big One, because the hunt doesn't officially  start until Sunday anyway and some may not know they can take a doe & a buck the same day.  Greg, Eric, & Rick were great
I'll be booking another hunt soon.

Roger Buckner    -------- Harvested 130" / 10 pt on 10-29-08
Donna And Steve,

Just wanted to write and thank you again for the great hunt I had with you guys last week.  You went way out of the way to make my hunt successful.  The "extra mile" Steve went to set up blinds and find active locations was certainly appreciated by me.  The quality of the deer that I saw is what makes hunting with J&S such a great experience.  Waiting till the last minute to shoot such a really good buck allowed me to enjoy the entire hunt all that much more.

P.S.  I took my head to a taxidermist and while we were talking, I found out that he has hunted with you guys several times., last year in Missouri.  He didn't get drawn this year but he wanted me to say Hi.  His name is Chuck Nagle and he hunts with some Zimmerman brothers from central PA.
Dave Buchner
Iowa Handicap Hunt - Gross score: 144" / 10 pt on 10-1-08
Some emails from 2007
Hi Steve and Donna,
I want to thank you again for another wonderful hunting experience. I cannot express how much I appreciate all your efforts in making every one of my hunts with you a memorable experience. I have had the opportunity to hunt in many places and in many camps, none have impressed me as much as your operation. Everything is top notch, the guides, the equipment, the lodge, and most importantly the quality of animals! No one in this business knows deer as well as Steve Shoop and I continually am amazed at his ability to put his clients in the way of big bucks. I hated for the hunt to end, and am still going through withdrawal, hopefully we will not have to wait 2 years to draw this tag again.
Rich Crawford

Steve and Donna
The trip home was long and at times slow but uneventful, so that was good. Thank you so much for another wonderful experience both in terms of the fellowship and hunting. Every time I close my eyes, I’m seeing something about the trip. It was a great thrill to have Steve with me when I shot the deer. We have talked about doing that on previous trips, but this was first time we were able to do it, and it added to the moment. I can still hear him whispering “big buck, big buck” when the deer first appeared. I suppose were it not for Steve’s whistling talent I could not have shot the deer. Walking up on the deer lying dead as a log and celebrating with the manly hug was special. I could not be more pleased (maybe if I had been able to kill the 190-200 that I missed due to miscalculation). Thanks to Steve as well for reminding me of the ballistics as I was ready to shoot. So notwithstanding the weather and loss of power, it was a great time—the highlight of my year. I hope I can do it again.
I trust you will have a blessed Christmas season.
M Barrett

I just want to thank Steve and Donna for what was a great week. We chose J&S Trophy Hunts after hearing nothing but good things about them, and we were not disappointed. The accommodations in Missouri were comfortable, the food was down home and satisfying, and the guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We also had a good bunch of guys in camp. and will always remember the many stories told.
Three of us drove from Pa to have the opportunity to hunt the northern Missouri /southern Iowa area, and we were blown away by the body size and antler mass of the whitetails there.
Two out of three of us took great bucks. I scored a 16 point "hog" on the first day at 0655. Although that is a once in a lifetime buck for me, I think our best memory will be the 11 point buck that was taken by my godson. He is fourteen years old and hunted with his father all week. After five days of seeing "smaller" buck they finally scored on the last morning at 0745. Although that was not his first deer, it was the first time they were together for the experience. You couldn't have planned it any better. During our long trip home, after numerous recounts of our hunt, we decided, we all scored. And we couldn't ask for anything more.
Special thanks to Jeff, Dexter, and Chris "Critter". You guys were great to spend the week with.
Thanks Again for a great trip, see you in Harrisburg at the show.
Gene Lesneski

Steve and Donna,
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to hunt with J & S Trophy Hunts. It was experience that will not soon be forgotten. I did not get the opportunity to take a buck, but on the week hunt I saw 30 bucks, but was unable to get the one I wanted close enough. I would like to thank the guides and Steve who worked so hard to get me in the position to get me the chance to get that shot. It was amazing the knowledge Steve has for white-tails, I definitely learned from him and will be using what I learned from him in the future. I do know that if he suggests I be in a certain tree-stand, that I will be in it. I realize every time you take the field you do not always get the chance to take a buck. It was a real experience to be able to sit there and see the quality bucks that J & S Trophy Hunts have. J & S Trophy Hunts was definitely a first class hunt, and with the food and accommodations you really can not ask for more. I would like to Wish you all a Happy Holidays and I plan to be visiting you in 2009.
Thanks again,
Earl (Bill) Corl Jr.

I don't show alot of emotion but just so you know I couldn't be happier, if you knew me like my other friends do all you need to do is look at my face and it tells it all, the smile that wont leave for a very long time. Thanks for keeping my confidence up and having pateintce with me after what happened Wednesday with that low hit on the eight pointer. I'll remember this hunt for the rest of my life and hope to do again as soon as I can draw another tag. It was a real plessure to spend time relaxing and talking with you Wednesday while we waited for the day to end when I hit the eight pointer. I know you and your guys don't get much rest with all you need to take care of and trying to please all your clients but I hope you know how much I appretiate all you did for Chris and I,
Thanks again for everything,

Donna and Steve,
Been keeping track of the updates and was glad to see that the deer I stuck earlier in the archery season had survived. I'm sure Greg D was happy with his buck.
I just wanted to let you guys know again what an awesome hunt I had while I was there. I couldn't have imagined seeing so many quality bucks during a six day hunt.
Donna, I'll be calling you after the holidays to see if you can fit me in the Missouri camp next fall and can't wait for Iowa again in 2008. You guys have an absolutely wonderful
operation but more than that you are great people. Looking forward to many more hunts with J&S. Happy holidays to you and yours!
Thanks again,
Steve Lockwood

Hi Donna & Steve,
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and incredible deer hunting. This was the second year I hunted with Bernie and Eric in Scotland county. Last year I muffed a monster buck with a low shot but made up for it with a beautiful 9-point on November 5th this year. I can't say enough about the wonderful people I've met there, Kurt & Anne,
Jeff, Zach & Chris. You run a first class operation with phenomenal deer hunting in some of most beautiful country I've ever seen. I'll probably think about hunting in Iowa with you in 2008 at least once a week.
God Bless & Merry Christmas,
Rob Watson
Ruby, Michigan

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