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J&S Trophy Hunts

What's Included

Large White Tail Buck

We provide lodging, guides, tree stands, blinds or shooting houses, towels, bed linens, etc. We will also provide the food for specific hunts, while others can enjoy our area restaurants. Getting here is easy.  We'll provide you with maps to each of our camps.

Be sure to bring along your hunting gear, personal items, and hunting license. You can also bring your favorite snacks and beverages.

We'll wake you before sunrise and serve you a continental breakfast. We will get you to and from your stands and check on you regularly. We hope you give the hunt your all and stay in the tree while eating your lunch, but it's your choice whether to take a sack lunch with you and hunt all day or to come back to camp.

After you come in from a long day of hunting (hopefully with a deer) you'll have your hot meal waiting. After getting your fill, take a break with a good beverage and watch the ball game on satellite TV while sharing the experiences of fellow hunters about the day.

If you take a deer, we will track it, drag it, cape it, freeze it, and get it ready for you to take some meat home with you. Or the meat can be donated. In that case, the cape, horns and the skull plate will be ready for you to take with you.

When it's time to "hit the old hay" you can rest comfortably in your bunk with usually no more than 4 hunters to a room, and a private bathroom. Our lodges are for our hunters only and are not someone's home or farmhouse. You'll be comfortable.

White Tail Trophy Buck and Baby Dear

Rolling hills covered by crop fields and big tracts of timber make the perfect paradise for big bucks. Our land is a 50/50 mix of crop fields of corn and soybeans and big hardwoods timber. You may be hunting either field edges, timber, or draws on deer trails, and around food plots areas. Deer movement, weather conditions, and the season will determine where our guides place you.

We hope you see big deer and plenty of them.

J&S Trophy Hunts

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